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Lisa Hedrick

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lisa hedrick

I specialize in working with diverse clients and unique properties.

Are you an investor looking for a new project? Born into a family with four generations of contractors and with personal Bay Area flipping experience myself, I know what it’s going to take to get you into contract.

Do you or your family need to sell a property that is in probate? Allow a California Association of Realtors Probate Certified Specialist break the process down for you. What seems overwhelming is really quite simple.

Do you want to sell a property that has specific needs to address? What seems complicated to you is easy for me! Let me simplify your life and allow you to maximize your profit.

Do you have an extensive wish list or have specific property needs? Decades of working in the Bay Area’s market has given me specialized resources to help you find that needle in a haystack.

Are you concerned about the impact Covid may have on your property or value? With 15 years experience working in the default industry, I can walk you through actual and potential market changes. Let’s set you up now to ensure that all of your needs are met.


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