Every one of us builds a rich and complex life. When we lose a loved one we are often faced with placing all of the random pieces. There are emotional family interactions and memories at every turn. Even every day objects can be special when they are attached to someone we love. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the preparation that comes before you are ready to sell real estate that is being probated.

I’ve Been There

I lost a parent several years ago. I understand how difficult it can be to see objectively while trying to handle the flood of memories that comes during this time. I work with clients all the time that just don’t know where to start. The important thing to remember is that you have a team working for you. Your probate attorney will handle the legal aspects of it. I’ll be sure that they don’t overlook steps that will ensure you make the most off the property sale. As useful as your legal team can be, they don’t always understand the nuances that shade something as personal as real property sales in probate. At the end of the day, my goal is to give you assistance and advice that can help, regardless of whether you are ready to sell or not. 

Where To Start?

Do you need an estate liquidator or a rented U-Haul and trip to the dump? Most people need something in between. I work with companies that can do both. They will take your give-aways to the appropriate places, value and sell your most precious items and dispose of what is left. Any proceeds can go to the cost of removal, with you receiving the rest. 

Viewing an empty family home is like seeing through a new pair of eyes. No matter how long it’s been since the property was in it’s glory, I’ll get a cleaner in to make sure that it still sparkles. Once you have taken a bit of the load off of your shoulders, you’ll have the fresh perspective needed to re-energize you. This is the time that we can assess what the next steps may be. 

Do you believe that the property may have some issues with condition? I know that funds may be limited while a property is being probated. I work with inspectors that can get you answers fast.  Depending on what work is needed, you may be able to pay for the inspections and some of the repairs once the property closes escrow. 

A Realtor can help to get family members on the same page when it comes to decisions regarding the sale of a house. You may want to do some repairs to the property while other family members may need to sell quickly. You may want someone that can help be a mediary, or you may not want to speak to your family members at all. There is always a way to achieve your goals.

What Next?

My job is to help you with the entire process, offering a smooth and fast transaction from start to finish. If you are just starting the probate process, I’m happy to assist. I’m able to provide a list of attorneys, contractors and other vendors that can help. I also offer a Free, No Obligation valuation of your property. Sometimes having an outside perspective can help you to break things down into manageable tasks. Reach out if you would like a more detailed timeline. Together we can get the property listed and sold quickly for top dollar.


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